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Re: where to get JST PHR-4

On 02/07/2010 11:46, Rob J. Epping wrote:

A collegue and I are trying to get a serial console on our TS-219P's.
We already have level-shifters and are now searching for a place to
get JST PHR-4 connectors.

It looks like these are the same connectors as were used (a decade
ago) to connect CD-rom drive audio to the soundcard. But those cables
are hard to find.
Anyone got tips on where to get these connectors?

You don't say where you are but in the UK you can find them here http://uk.farnell.com/jst-japan-solderless-terminals/phr-4/housing-4way/dp/3616204?Ntt=jst+phr-4


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