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Re: d-i slowness on QNAP TS-209


Marcus Better wrote:
I'm currently installing squeeze on a QNAP TS-209 with two 2 TB disk drives. The only really major pain is the speed, especially the delays between various d-i screens. It can take a few minutes for some steps, like entering the RAID manager, or after configuring a partition. Is there room for improvement here, or is the machine just that slow?

Okay, well this thread might be of interest:

I actually use a couple of DNS-343 untis from D-Link and my main gripe is that they don't have enough RAM (or speed generally with a gigabit network interface). Using funplug on them and my own "date" shell script that gets the "right" date for my timezone. Interestingly, "at" works with current [local] date/time properly, but the standard date executable returns GMT time.

Anyway, I would consider the TS-509 as per the thread or a different dedicated machine, but for now the dns343's are cutting it, just, for the tasks they have to do. The other advantage of the TS-509 is that it uses Intel chipset which works "better" than ARM based architectures (probably depending on the task) -- I understand, correct me if I am wrong, that bind9 has "issues" with ARM machines at this time. Intel is more standard at least.


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