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Re: ARM BoF at DebConf


2010/6/9 Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com>:
> Ian Sullivan said he'd submit a BoF or other event for people
> interested in hacking on the SheevaPlug.  We could use this event to
> talk about in ARM in general as well, assuming Ian submitted
> something.  Can you confirm, Daniel?

According to

The only 'arm' on the page it is Don's last name. :-)

I am pretty positive, if we have interest, at least we could meet at
the cafeteria or the corridors to talk about it.

Also Mica has confirmed me (via IRC) that,
16:09 < micah> zumbi: dont worry, there are slots set aside in some rooms for
               talks/bofs/etc. like yours to use

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