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Re: Machine similar to ancina anyone? (was: DM needs helps with build failure (yorick on armel))

Le 9 mai 10 à 14:03, Martin Michlmayr a écrit :

* Luca Niccoli <lultimouomo@gmail.com> [2010-05-07 11:21]:
This is the info I got from Stephen Gran on d-admin:

Processor       : Feroceon rev 0 (v5l)
Hardware        : Marvell DB-78x00-BP Development Board

Processor	: Feroceon 88FR131 rev 1 (v5l)
Hardware	: Marvell OpenRD Base Board

Processor bug that was corrected in a later revision?

The OpenRD uses a Kirkwood SoC while the DB-78x00-BP Development Board
uses an MV78xx0 SoC.  While they both use the Feroceon core, there are
notable differences.  For example, the Kirkwood has no FPU while the
MV78xx0 has one IIRC.

In any case, we have pretty good contacts at Marvell so if anyone has
a testcase (ideally a smaller one than "run yorick") we can forward it
to them.


Porting issues with Yorick are often (always?) related to FPE trapping. Since you mention that one of those has an FPU while the other does not, the problem must lie there again, perhaps at "feenableexcept()".

I attach a short test-case which I have used already to demonstrate buggy SIGFPE handling on another arch. Usage is documented in the file. Can you check whether this test case:
 - runs fine;
 - triggers SIGFPE;
 - triggers SIGILL?

Best regards, Thibaut.

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