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Hello debian-arm community,

I try to install Brother MFC 7820N as a network scanner on a QNAP
TS-109 device using Linux kernel 2.6.26-2-orion5x. Two driver packages
are provided by Brother Industries (brscan2-0.2.5-1.i386.deb and
brscan2-0.2.5-1.amd64.deb), but unfortunately none for the armel
architecture. The driver sources (brscan2-src-0.2.5-1.tar.gz) are
provided by Brother Industries (see
as well.

I have tried to compile the sources using g++ 4.3.2 on the NAS. It
shows that subdirectory "brscan" causes a lot of compiler errors, but
"brscan64" just a few.

My question is what do i need to do? Try to fix the "brscan" or
"brscan64" sources? A install script is provided with the sources, but
I am wondering if it would be more useful to create a debian package.
All installation instructions by Brother Industries are based on dpkg

Hints and recommendations are very much appreciated.

Kind regards,

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