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Re: Problems cross building arm debian packages

On 5/6/10, Francois Goudal <francois@goudal.net> wrote:
>  I'm currently trying to setup an ARM cross toolchain which would be able to
> generate armel deb packages from an x86 machine.
>  I'm also not sure this is the right place to ask about that. I don't think
> this belongs to Emdebian but I might be wrong.

  I haven't done this myself but, yes, emdebian is your man. They have
the best debian cross-toolchains, including gcc-4.4 - see
http://emdebian.org/tools/crosstools.html for instructions.

Unfortunately, debian packages do like being built natively, since
many upstream packages simply don't have the configure wisdom to do
this. However, embedian are also the leading light in cross-compiling
the compliant ones and hacking others to enable it. The project is a
work in progress with some good results already and it'd be
interesting to hear of your success in using/extending it.

Or if your aim is simply that of building armel packages, your
shortest route may be to use a big fast armel box - mail me privately
if ssh access to such a thing would be useful.


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