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Re: Very newbe help/pointers required about building a distribution from scratch

It was a while ago since I did any reading on LFS, but as far as I can
remember it simply gives you instructions on how to build a custom
Linux OS from scratch by downloading all the sources one by one
yourself. I guess that means that the answer to all of your questions
is "no".

2010/3/10 Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl@lkcl.net>:
> 2010/3/10 Björn Wetterbom <bjohv052@gmail.com>:
>> Could "Linux from scratch" provide you with at least some of the
>> information you need?
>  is that available for debian?  does it rebuild _debian_ packages,
> entirely and recursively, recreating a debian mirror with a specific
> set of architecture-specific compiled packages?
>  l.

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