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Re: genesi and open rd

On Mon, Feb 08, 2010 at 02:46:00PM +0100, Karsten König wrote:
> Oh right I forgot, it still runs on the openmoko phone, which is ARMv4t =)
> OT: Are there plans to raise this to ARMv5 or even higher after Squeeze? Or 
> are the benefits not worth dropping the older devices?
> Marvells Kirkwood beeing v5 and pretty recent I guess skipping right to ARMv6 
> or v7 is not on the list for Squeeze+1

Well with ARMv5 being the instruction set of the ARM7, ARM9, ARM10,
StrongARM, Xscale and some marvell chips, I don't thing anyone would
want to drop support for that.  I am not sure which ones are ARMv4
instruction set.  Very few chips (mainly cortex it seems) uses ARMv6 or
ARMv7 so far.

Len Sorensen

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