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Re: genesi and open rd

Am Montag, 8. Februar 2010 12:57:44 schrieb NG:
> Hello
> I pln to use a arm platform for personnal testing and use
> There is two products i plan to buy
> open rd from globalscale and genesi
> i've seen that open rd seems good and used on this forum.
> But what about genesi ? the form factor is sleek, but the processor is
> perhaps outdated (A8).

It's actually the opposite, while openRD is ARMv5, the Cortex A8 is ARMv7 
(check wikipedia for some details).
So Debian will run on both as it is built for the ARMv5 architecture (ARMv7 is 
caompatible), but you won't have the benefits of newer extensions, like NEON 
(does anything use this at all already?) Ubuntu 9.10 is for ARMv7 (if I am not 

While the genesi looks like a good system, they failed to establish a 
community around it, at least I couldn't find anything besides 
http://www.powerdeveloper.org/ which is more about their previous PowerPC 
A similar system with Cortex A8 and a company that seems more into proper 
linux support is TI with their OMAP boards, a especially cheap and open one is 
the BeagleBoard, might be better for playing around but not as powerful as the 
board by genesi.


> Thanks for your return

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