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Re: Some thoughts on the ARM build daemons

Aurelien Jarno wrote:

> The problems mainly comes from the build daemons. Only *3 out of 7* are
> building packages, and one of the three is also building stable-security
> from time to time.

Are you talking about the deprecated "arm" arch or the current "armel" arch?

Your list of buildd machines is seriously out of date if you are talking
about armel.

> I think it is time to changes things. Our faster build daemons have a
> 233MHz CPU with 256MB of RAM, while there are way faster ARM CPU today.

I think these are arm buildds, most of the armel buildd machines are
700MHz Thecus N2100 boxes.

> What about buying new ARM hardware with that money?

There are new faster buildd machine being built at the moment - but they
are for armel not arm.

> Any comments?

I suspect that people have stopped caring about arm.


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