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Re: Bug#566256: g++-4.4: FTBFS because of mangled std::va_list

clone 566256 -1
reassign -1 566256
severity -1 serious
tags 566256 + wontfix

On 22.01.2010 14:56, Patrick Matthäi wrote:
Package: g++-4.4
Version: 4.4.2-9
Severity: important

std::va_list has been mangled in the 4.4 release, so some more packages FTBFS
now on armel e.g. with:
/build/buildd-kdenlive_0.7.6+svn4238-1-armel-CUtj7g/kdenlive-0.7.6+svn4238/src/renderer.cpp:53: undefined reference to `QString::vsprintf(char const*, std::__va_list)'

See here:

either rebuild qt4-x11 on armel, or change the soname for a clean transition. afaik, there's decision yet how to handle the ABI change for ARM.

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