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Re: debian installer on sheevaplug; partitioning usb flash drive problem and workaround

* Frank Horowitz <frank@horow.net> [2009-12-29 20:38]:
> Problem number one: when trying to use "screen" from a Mac OSX
> laptop to drive the installer, even though it works perfectly well
> for displaying the U-Boot stuff, and the initial booting messages,
> once the installation process gets into the curses based tty
> prompting stuff, the characters become unreadable

Someone else mentioned this to me recently too but we don't know the
cause.  I thought it was due to a locale without UTF but that wasn't
the case.  If someone with MacOS could investigate or comment, that'd
be great.

> Problem number two: I first tried to install to an SDHC (8GB) card
> in the slot. After appearing to install OK, the reboot from U-Boot
> failed with a CRC error

I'm not sure I understand this error.  Some people report that u-boot
fails to boot from a large partition.  But this doesn't seem to be the
case here since you probably used the default partition scheme which
creates a separate /boot partition.  And you're saying that it was
impossible to mount the SD/USB card on another PC (which I haven't
heard before).  Is this reproducible 100%?

> I notice that Sid has kernel 2.6.32.xx already built for the
> kirkwood. I actually need a kernel version later than 2.6.30.xx
> since the driver for my wireless USB stick (RTL8187 based) now
> claims to support Master mode. Any hints on getting the plug to load
> and boot into that kernel?

Yeah, run:
  flash-kernel 2.6.32-trunk-kirkwood
and reboot.

Martin Michlmayr

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