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ext2 file system: moving between armel and amd64 etc.


I realized that mkfs.ext2 creates different superblock depending on which
system it is run under.  The difference can be observed by tune2fs -l:

 ext2 created by Debian lenny on amd64: 
  Filesystem flags: signed_directory_hash

 ext2 created by Ubuntu 09.4 armel: 
  Filesystem flags: unsigned_directory_hash 

It seems it comes from the fact that armel uses unsigned for char.

Since kernel support of this flag is new and lenny or jaunty one seems
to ignore it, I could move file between these 2 system.  (I do fsck -p
to get hash fixed every time I move, first.)  So it works now but this
is sloppy.

What is the right tool to change this "Filesystem flags" setting.  I do
not see in lenny or jaunty.  Can new tune2fs adjust this parameter?
What is the right way to move ext2 filesystem between system? 


PS: I am playing with Sharp PC-Z1.  

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