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Re: owfs on NSLU2 ARM

+++ Mr Doug - [2009-10-12 19:51 -0700]:
> I checked in on this many months ago and it was in the works??
> Is there a package/driver for Debian Lenny on the NSLU2 for OWFS. 
> The last time I checked it was not yet available or in the ARM package.
> I want to use OWFS devices via USB to monitor a remote location using the NSLU2.

I've been using it on an arm (debian) device for the last 18 months or
so (http://wookware.org/solar/ ) , but I did have to build my own
version from the prototype debian packaging here:
http://alt.smurf.noris.de/debian/etch/arm/. Like you I am surprised to
see it has not made it to Debian proper yet.

If no-one beats me to it I'll upload a package myself at some point
(but it won't be imminent so I hope the original author will get round
ot it eventually). 

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