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Re: Need help to boot debian on USB with more devices connected

Douglas Lopes Pereira wrote:
Uboot identifies the devices connected but does not recognize my USB
drive and get stuck.

I've found that u-boot's USB support is very unreliable, and it's pretty
much pot luck whether it will deign to talk to any given USB storage
device. I've also seen it crash and/or hang on various occasions. In
addition, it's sensitive to the order of devices on the bus, and will
frequently enumerate some devices but not others.

If you really need to use USB, I can only suggest getting a handful of
cheapo USB keys and trying each one until you've got something that
u-boot will work with.

I eventually gave up with USB and now boot from a SD card, using Martin
Michlmayr's u-boot upgrade. This avoids the whole problem entirely (and
is much faster to boot).

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