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Access to porter machine


I'm trying to prepare an NMU on mpd to fix a FTBFS bug specific to armel
I'am not a DD so don't have access to the porter machine. Would it be
possible to temporarly give me access to agricola and install the
build-depends on it. 
Or could someone try to build using the debdiff from

Attached my ssh key.


(Please CC me to answer)


ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAqY13rxj1Ies8aqaYJfFv+A5e3/owC7e4zn3NIh1OIwyHVdAO+sDA9FAJI7Phs+4RSXNWwW0j057K62SryG0Ks9rb0kgaoow+wEcs5BLYYs1B+8UMM2hdlP6LyfltDNHjOf45sI6jJm5V0WO2G4l7N7VoxOlZ/EOLC6uFDiGpEQpTXnIpQSirI3u8XRiShGBKYhdvAXvAzOTY6FCGmyXVZN1ZkTlT/z3/I/3C6w8gbP4KdA2tE+tICxv3i4EqXUtrgaKRvUBKdZwuU4jAGiSMFv1oOkLqQdNoy0dF6T1F8QwWs9EhH3047m7NDl46mgK0dfrJO7Uc+rs28tNfYwStiw== xtophe@penduick

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