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N2100 kernel crash (?)

Am Sonntag, den 27.09.2009, 10:44 +0200 schrieb Pierre Habouzit:
> Note that I've read about [1] on the archive. My thecus N2100 runs the
> kernel from tbm's repository, with the DMA patch.
> I've experienced, during very heavy I/O load (as in rsync for a mirror
> plus large copy - ~200Go - from a locally mounted NFS partition to the
> local raid array) mysterious freezes of the machine. The NIC is still
> (leds are on), though disks are not spinning and I'm unable to ping
> machine.
> I've no serial console soldered (yet) and there is nothing in the logs
> that is helpful (they just stop). Though reading about [1] I wondered
> that was a general known problem with the Thecus.
> [1]


I also noticed that the current 2.6.26 stable kernel with dma patch from
Martin crashes and reported this too Martin. For me the official 2.6.26
kernel does not show this problem. I triggered the problem with copying
about 20 *.jpegs with nfs from my laptop to the thecus.


my letter to Martin:

I have the following problem:

When copying some more *.JPG files by NFS to my N2100 it suddenly

- It appears to happen when the Gnome file manager is used to display
  the source and destination folder, and i try to copy more then 20  
  to 30 pictures in one go. (about 2 to 3 MB size each)
  My Setup is a Ubuntu based laptop on one side and the N2100 on 
  the other side.

- It seems not to happen when I don't use Gnome (just cp from 
  command line).
- Is seems not to happen when I use Gnome but just copy about 5 files
  in one go.

- I'm sure it didn't happen in Springtime and before.

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