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n2100 kernel crash (?)

Note that I've read about [1] on the archive. My thecus N2100 runs the
kernel from tbm's repository, with the DMA patch.

I've experienced, during very heavy I/O load (as in rsync for a mirror
plus large copy - ~200Go - from a locally mounted NFS partition to the
local raid array) mysterious freezes of the machine. The NIC is still up
(leds are on), though disks are not spinning and I'm unable to ping the

I've no serial console soldered (yet) and there is nothing in the logs
that is helpful (they just stop). Though reading about [1] I wondered if
that was a general known problem with the Thecus.

[1] http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-arm@lists.debian.org/msg09843.html

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