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Re: Thecus recovery

Markus Ulbricht wrote:
> Hi folks,
> after running a few hundred days continuously my N2100 is now
> no longer pingable. After rebooting with Power off/on (frontpanel
> switch was no longer working) no success with ping etc. Some
> HDD action is noticeable, no red front panel lights etc.
> I am afraid that e2fsk etc is needed. But how can I get  into  a
> console? IP address is configured  statically, no DHCP.
> Redboot is still available, nut no output if I do not interrupt with
> Ctrl-C.

Bootstrap a filesystem on a workstation accessible over NFS, or maybe in
a USB stick that you plug into the Thecus?  You'll have to modify the
parameters RedBoot passes to the kernel, of course...

That's the first idea that comes to my mind.


Bill Gatliff

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