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Thecus recovery

Hi folks,

after running a few hundred days continuously my N2100 is now
no longer pingable. After rebooting with Power off/on (frontpanel
switch was no longer working) no success with ping etc. Some
HDD action is noticeable, no red front panel lights etc.

I am afraid that e2fsk etc is needed. But how can I get  into  a
console? IP address is configured  statically, no DHCP.
Redboot is still available, nut no output if I do not interrupt with Ctrl-C.

fis list delivers:
Name              FLASH addr  Mem addr    Length      Entry point
RedBoot           0xF0000000  0xF0000000  0x00040000  0x00000000
RedBoot config    0xF0FC0000  0xF0FC0000  0x00001000  0x00000000
FIS directory     0xF0FE0000  0xF0FE0000  0x00020000  0x00000000
ramdisk           0xF0040000  0x00800000  0x00D00000  0x00800000
kernel            0xF0D40000  0x00200000  0x00160000  0x00200000
user              0xF0EA0000  0x00120000  0x00120000  0x00800000

So any hint to get my debian running again is very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance,


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