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Re: Installing lenny on mtd0 of Sheeva Plug

Hi Karsten,

> I can't access my sheeva plug right now, but if I remember correctly mtd0 is
> for uboot, mtd1 for the kernel and mtd2 for the system, so you would need to
> flash the kernel to mtd1

You are right, mtd0 is reserved for uBoot.

> But that does work in fact, just remember to reflash whenever Martin publishes
> a new kernel.

But thanks for your reply that was exactly what I was asking for.

> On Martins Debian there is also the flash-kernel script, maybe see if it can
> actually flash as well, I only used it to create proper uImage and uInitrd
> files.

I've tried to run flash-kernel but I couldn't figure out how to use it.

Can anyone please walk me through it? How do I use flash-kernel?

My plan is to flash mtd1 with uImage and copy my entire file system to
mtd2. Does it looks okay to you guys?

Any other advice?

Thank you one more time.

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