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Re: Getting started with a new SheevaPlug

Rafal Czlonka wrote:
David Given wrote:
The Ubuntu installation's actually in pretty poor shape and apt
won't work out of the box. (You can't use apt on a jffs2 filesystem

Worked fine here.

It's entirely possible they've fixed it. My system came with /var/cache/apt on a ramdisk to get around this, except they hadn't put in the script to populate it on startup (creating the 'archives' directory, etc), which meant that apt would get confused and fail. Possibly they've switched to yaffs; jffs2 works very badly on big disks and yaffs is a much better choice.

I don't use the flash for anything, instead running Debian off USB, so I wasn't terribly interesting in delving deeply into then workings of the Ubuntu system on it.

David Given

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