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Re: Getting started with a new SheevaPlug

John Winters wrote:
I wasn't expecting to find Ubuntu pre-installed.  I've had a little hunt
to see if I can find the login information, but without luck so far.

Is it normal for these to come with a booting Ubuntu system pre-installed?

Yes, that's quite normal. (Although finding it on /dev/ttyUSB0 isn't --- USB0 is usually the JTAG port and USB1 is the serial console.)

The Ubuntu installation's actually in pretty poor shape and apt won't work out of the box. (You can't use apt on a jffs2 filesystem since it doesn't support writeable mmap.) Recommendations are to install Martin Michlmayr's u-boot upgrade (which allows booting off SD card) and then to put Debian on it...

I have a writeup here, although it's now a bit old and out of date:


David Given

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