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Problems building glibc/eglibc


I'm just thinking maybe the toolchain is broken there. I'm using a sheevaplug.

I want to build glibc. I get the same problem also with eglibc.

glibc's configure tries to check if "-fexceptions" works in gcc. So it
issues this test:

 cat > conftest.c <<\EOF
_start () {}
int __eh_pc;
__throw () {}

gcc -nostdlib -nostartfiles -fexceptions conftest

Which ends this way:
undefined reference to `__aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr0'

This symbol is in libgcc_s. This file is not included in the linking
when using -nostdlib.
I test the same in my i686, and all works. I think it doesn't need
anything from libgcc_s for the tests in conftest.c.

Exceptions are needed for nptl support in glibc, and I think glibc
won't compile well without nptl (trying to disable it, I get errors
about TLS, which also I could not manage to avoid). I think I should
point to having nptl support, as it's there for arm.

Trying to add "-lgcc_s" in LDFLAGS doesn't help, because this breaks
the tests for "-static" compilations. libgcc_s is in debian only as
shared library.

How should I build glibc or eglibc? Can I check the build scripts for
debian's glibc somewhere?

I get the same problems in a fedora 10.


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