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[RFC] Bugs#503292: linux-latest-2.6: new dummy images for Samsung s3c24xx devices

Hi there!

Starting from 2.6.31, the upstream Linux kernel contains basic Openmoko
GTA02 Neo FreeRunner support.  Unfortunately, there is still need for an
external patch which I hope will be included in the final 2.6.31:


During DebConf9, there were various discussions about the kernel name
for the Samsung S3C devices, together with Gaudenz Steinlin, Riku
Voipio, Martin Michlmayr and Vincent Sanders, who suggested "s3c":


Another discussion took place on the debian-boot mailing list:


Gaudenz and me tried to find a "internal" consensus about the name in
private mails and we set on "s3c24xx" for the following reasons:

-> the possible options are s3c24xx, s3c2410, s3c

-> all s3c24xx devices are currently supported by the same kernel


-> not all s3cxxxx devices are supported though, see s3c6400, so s3c is
   not an appropriate name


-> the kernel calls the corresponding defconfig s3c2410, but this seems
   too specific, as it actually supports more than only s3c2410


Is there any strong opposition to "s3c24xx"?

If no one will complain in one week from now, I will prepare a new
unofficial kernel for the pkg-fso repository, named "2.6.29-1-s3c24xx"
(this kernel version and ABI are not important ATM).

BTW, if the missing patch will be accepted in 2.6.31, Debian can build
an official kernel that can at least boot on the Openmoko GTA02, thus
debian-installer development can officially continue :-)

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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