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Re: Re: ts209ii to ts219p hw upgrade w/ present hd config

> * John Holland <john.holland@cellent-fs.de> [2009-08-05 21:35]:
> > Martin, would it be possible to include a backport of squeeze's
> > flash-kernel package in your repository?
> Will do.

Wow, you're quick, thanx.

> > Just one thing though, the netlink activates w/ "only" 100Mb/s. Can't
> > the driver do 1000Mb/s? Or this anomaly something local to my setup?
> It should work.  I'm currently on vacation with little Internet access
> but Lennert Buytenhek (who wrote the Ethernet driver) reads this
> lists, so hopefully he can help you.

Seems to be something local and/or the linespeed detection is a little touchy.
I'll try a new cable sometime soon... But, seems to working ATT.



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