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Re: [SheevaPlug] Order not received

Steve Pirk wrote:
> I put this comamnd into the end of rc.local so it gets created at boot  
> time :-) Next fstab tweak will be to mount /var/cache/apt on a real disk  
> instead of tmpfs. Looks like tmpfs gets deleted like /tmp used to on old  
> Solaris systems. A hold over from the old unix systems that did not have 
> a lot of disk space maybe?

Tmpfs, as the name suggests, is a temporary file system. It is being
created on boot and removed on shutdown/reboot.
E.g. /dev is mounted as tmpfs, you can also mount /var/run and /var/lock
as tmpfs (RAMRUN and RAMLOCK in /etc/default/rcS) on a standard Debian



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