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Re: [rt.debian.org #1259] decommission europa and elara

> 2009-02-14 14:59:28 <aurel32> now that lenny is being release, we won't
> use elara anymore as a buildd
> 2009-02-14 14:59:36 <aurel32> so feel free to do what you want with it

> Same goes for europa, AIUI.

> They both have very small disks (~6g) and the sponsor in the past
> preferred not to have them used as porterboxes. Therefore we see no real
> use for these machines anymore and plan to hand them back to the kind
> sponsor.

> This is your last chance to speak up before we start decommissioning the
> systems.

No objections from our side (wb-team). Please go ahead and thanks for

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