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Re: NSLU2 Lenny install problem

* MagnusP <magnus_petterson@hotmail.com> [2009-03-19 15:07]:
> I have tried to install Debian Lenny on my second NSLU2 using a USB stick.
> I have tried using a second USB stick with the same result.

> Any ideas are welcome!

I don't really have an idea, but I have a question: the boot log shows
that you're trying to start Debian from the USB stick.  This means
that you successfully installed Debian on the USB stick.  Did you use
the installer on the NSLU2, or did you unpack the tar ball on another

Anyway, since you have a serial console, maybe you could try a newer
kernel.  But if that doesn't work, and you can definitely ruly out
hardware problems (which I guess you can), then I'd report the problem
to the Linux USB list.

Martin Michlmayr

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