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Re: Alignement on ARM

On 3/7/09, Vincent Bernat <bernat@debian.org> wrote:
>  lldpd, a program of  my own, available on https://trac.luffy.cx/lldpd/ ,
>  is doing some unaligned memory access.
>  What kind  of ARM  platform may  I setup  that  would produce
>  no error but incorrect data when reading unaligned int?

It depends on the setting of /proc/cpu/alignment. It is normally set
to 0, which silently ignores non-aligned accesses and returns garbled
data. If you echo 5 > /proc/cpu/alignment it should generate a Bus
Error instead.

I keep a system set up in this mode with public acess for developers.
Please write privately suggesting username if access to this would be useful.


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