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Alignement on ARM


lldpd, a program of  my own, available on https://trac.luffy.cx/lldpd/ ;,
is doing some unaligned memory access.  There is no problem on x86 but I
have  a user  that  runs into  trouble with  ARM.   I am  novice on  ARM
architecture.   I  have understood  the  alignment  problem  and I  have
modified  pointer arithmetic  to use  memcpy when  alignment  issues may

However, I  would like to  test myself the  result. I have  followed the
howto available here:
to setup  an ARM system. However,  I have no alignment  issues with this
platform.  What kind  of ARM  platform may  I setup  that  would produce
no error but incorrect data when reading unaligned int?

Crosspost to  my address  would be appreciated.  Thanks for any  help on
BOFH excuse #143:
had to use hammer to free stuck disk drive heads.

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