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Re: lenny armel qnap network write performance

* Richard <mr.resistor@gmail.com> [2008-12-09 17:44]:
> i have been running a QNAP TS-209 with lenny (installer worked
> good), and all is well, apart from poor network write speeds. i have
> an NFS4 share on the server and i can read fine at ~10 MB/sec, but
> the write speed is ~3.5 MB/sec. i tested the write speed with samba
> just to make sure this was not an NFS issue, and it was even worse,
> ~1.5 MB/sec. this is from a linux client (Ubuntu 8.10) and OSX.
> can anyone give me any hints to improve this? i used to get 10
> MB/sec writes on my old DNS-323, which is pretty much the same
> hardware, so cannot believe this is as good as it can get//

I guess the real issue here is the low hard drive performance, which
is caused by lack of proper support for the DMA engine in the mainline
kernel (as used by Debian).

I'm copying Lennert who might have more insights to share.
Martin Michlmayr

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