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Re: [OT] Mailing List for ARM programming...

Hello Michelle,

have you already looked here:


Best regards,

Michelle Konzack wrote:

for a couple of my projects I have the  need  for  microcontrollers  and
currently I am testing Maxim DS80C4xx/DS89C450, Atmel AT91SAM7xx,  ASIC,
FPGA, Microchip PIC32, Freescale ColdFire.

It seems, there is no way around the Atmel chips...

I am already using the AT91SAM7SE with 32 MByte SDRAM and 128 MByte NAND
Flash but in my Final-Product, it is no solution because its price...

However, my development is done under (Em)Debian but now I am  searching
for ARM programming mailinglists since I need to get my program  into  a
Flash of 256 kByte (or maximum 512 kByte)...

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
    Michelle Konzack
    24V Electronic Engineer
    Tamay Dogan Network
    Debian GNU/Linux Consultant

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