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debian-arm on omap3


I have been assigned a task to port gnome-desktop on omap3evm i.e. to
bring up omap3-evm LCD with a running Gnome Desktop like GUI, similar
to what I got on my X86-Desktop.

I have been lookin around for possible solutions and even started to
build my own from scratch untill I been redirected to this list for
debian-arm distribution which looks quiet promising.

It would be great if someone can help me in answering my following concerns:

Is there any pre-build solution available for omap/arm platform which
I can download and check?

How much pain will it take to build certain packets on top of it or to
customize the kernel/package needs? As of now X11 and Gnome-desktop
are must for me.

Lastly, did anyone tested it on omap3-evm(ARM Cortex A8) or any other OMAP?

Thanks for your concern.

Amit Pundir

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