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Re: Please test debian-installer rc1 images

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> debian-installer rc1 is going to be announced officially next week.
> However, the images for ARM are already available.  I'm now looking
> for people who are interested in testing these installer images.
> If you have a spare ARM machine or want to reinstall your machine for
> some reason (for example to move from arm to armel),

I have exactly that - an unused turbo-slug which currently has the arm
version of Etch on it.  I would like to try installing the armel version
of Lenny but I have one problem.

The machine has been unused for a year or so and the original
installation process is but a distant memory.  I *think* I probably set
the internal network settings (i.e. in its flash memory) to the same as
it uses now when connected to the network, but I'm not sure.  If I
simply start the installation process I might end up with an NSLU2 using
a network address which I don't know.

Is there any way of reading the current flash settings (specifically the
network settings) without re-installing the original firmware?  I'd like
to do that before I start the installation so I can be sure of being
able to talk to it.


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