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Re: Please test debian-installer rc1 images

* Oliver Kiddle <okiddle@yahoo.co.uk> [2008-11-07 17:21]:
> In order to switch to armel, I plan to do exactly this. As I'm not
> installing from the thecus firmware, do I just grab the initrd.gz and
> vmlinuz-2.6.26-1-iop32x from here and then boot them via tftp and
> redboot?

Yes, exactly.

> My root partition is a RAID 1 mirror so what I was hoping to do was break
> the mirror, ensure that I can still boot to the active half of the mirror
> via RedBoot and then install to the other disc, creating a mirror that
> has one half missing. Has anyone done this successfully and does it make
> sense? I have vague memories of the Debian installer not letting me create
> raid 1 mirrors with one half missing.

I cannot give you a guarantee but I successfully made a degraded RAID1
with d-i recently.  Simply specify a RAID1 with 2 disks but then only
assign one disk to it.

> Does the armel kernel (your DMA patched 2.6.26) support the old ABI
> too, i.e. will I be able to chroot to my old ARM installation while
> I'm migrating my configuration?

Martin Michlmayr

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