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Re: Where is stored the network setting?

En/na John Reiser ha escrit:
Mmm.... interesting. Is there any possibility that Debian update this
information in SysConf (plus obviously in the disk)? It could be
interesting to have an uptodate information (for recovering purposes:
installing SlugOS again)
It is easy to update it yourself.  The data format is a 4-byte big-endian
integer which gives the length in bytes of what follows, then an array
of characters.  Just create the data in that format, and write it to
/dev/mtdblock? where '?' is the correct partition [find it by inspection.]
If the length does not increase, then you can use '\n' as padding,
and thus avoid rewriting the length word.

Mmm... Okay.
But can you put an example? I don't know what is a big-endian integer and how write the data in /dev/mtblock? (simply with ">")?
I'm a novice user.

By this technicities, I think I pass to write anyting to SysConf! ;-)


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