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Re: Where is stored the network setting?

En/na Rod Whitby ha escrit:
Martin Michlmayr wrote:
* Xan <dxpublica@telefonica.net> [2008-08-10 21:40]:
I have a nslu2. I installed debian-arm with installer in hardisk.
Now I  have a problems and I run upslug2 unslung6.10-image. So now I
have  Unslung on my slug. Surprisingly the network setting in
unslung are the  same as I have in Debian.

So, just for curiosity, where nerwork setting are stored? In
internal  flash memory?

Unslung: in flash.  Debian: on disk.  When you install Debian, it will
read the network configuration from flash and use that for the
installation, so that probably explains why they are the same.

In particular, there is a SysConf partition which is not overwritten by a normal flash image upgrade (the SysConf and RedBoot partitions are the only ones that are not overwritten by default), and the Linksys stock firmware and Unslung and SlugOS custom firmware distributions use (and in a lot of cases update) that information.

The Debian distribution uses it during installation for network preseeding, but never updates it - it stores all changes only on disk.

-- Rod
Mmm.... interesting. Is there any possibility that Debian update this information in SysConf (plus obviously in the disk)? It could be interesting to have an uptodate information (for recovering purposes: installing SlugOS again)


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