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Some n2100 benchmarks of available arm kernels

On Mon, Aug 04, 2008, Ross Burton wrote:
> > Still no progress, but I just made 2.6.25 kernels available with the
> > DMA patches applied.  This kernel is largely untested, but it includes
> > the same patch from Dan Williams that I tested before and that seems
> > to work.
> > Any feedback is welcome.  Use at your own risk.
> > http://merkel.debian.org/~tbm/tmp/n2100/dma/
> I've been using this kernel for some time on my N2100 now, and the
> improvement in disk IO performance is substantial.  I'd love to see this
> merged into lenny's kernel but I realise I should have sent this email a
> few weeks ago for that to be in any way possible...

 Here are some performance tests I did with various arm kernels.  Test
 was to hdparm -t /dev/sda, then sdb, twice; results below are average
 speed of each 4 hdparm runs sequence.  The speed of sda versus sdb was
 always very close (the disk parts match).

 Kernel                     Version           Read speed (MB/sec)
 2.6.18-3-iop32x            2.6.18-7               21.46   # etch?
 2.6.18-6-iop32x            2.6.18.dfsg.1-22       21.37   # etch.3
 2.6.24-etchnhalf.1-iop32x  2.6.24-6~etchnhalf.4   16.22   # etch 1/2
 2.6.25-2-iop32x            2.6.25-2iop1           20.84   # Martin's
 2.6.25-2-iop32x            2.6.25-7               15.73   # lenny
 2.6.26-1-iop32x            2.6.26-1               16.05   # unstable

 Didn't try armel kernels yet.

Loïc Minier

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