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Re: Progress on Bug#444271 / N2100 disk performance

Ross Burton wrote:
> I've been using this kernel for some time on my N2100 now, and the
> improvement in disk IO performance is substantial.  I'd love to see this
> merged into lenny's kernel but I realise I should have sent this email a
> few weeks ago for that to be in any way possible...

hedges.billgatliff.com/hedges.debian.org is an N2100.  Might be another
good place to try it out.

I don't have root on hedges, and wouldn't use it even if I did--- it's
debian's machine, after all.  :)  But I'm occasionally in physical
proximity to the colo center that houses it, if necessary.

Or, not.  Not my call.  :)

Bill Gatliff

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