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Re: Debian kernel package for linkstation pro

Per Andersson wrote:
Do you think the current debian installer code and method
for installing Debian on the Kurobox Pro would work for
Linkstation Pro/Live as well? The method goes something
like this:

1) Create a ext2 filesystem on the first partition on the
attached harddrive. (Has to be ext2 because u-boot can only
load files from ext2.)

Well, the first partition should already be ext2 at this point, because that's where the kernel+initrd which have got you into "emergency mode" come from.

2) Download uImage.buffalo, initrd.buffalo and flash-debian
3) Put uImage.buffalo and initrd.buffalo on the created ext2
4) Run flash-debian

I don't know what "flash-debian" does....

5) Reboot

Before this point, you would need to check the firmware revision, and then either delete the initrd= uboot "nvram" setting, or use a non-standard debian kernel (or the initramfs won't load).

6) Install Debian over SSH
7) Reboot
8) ???
9) Success!

OK, but I cam see a few problems with this approach:

1. If the Buffalo software is not working, or not present on the HD, you can't install Debian. 2. If you start with a blank hard drive (e.g. you have upgraded the hard drive), you can't install Debian. 3. If you can't get into your Debian install for some reason (e.g. filesystem corruption, or you've just forgotten the root password), you would be unable to re-install Debian (or anything else).

For these reasons, I think I would recommend just relying on what's in flash (i.e. uboot - default or otherwise) as a prerequisite for the install....



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