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Is my Slug dead?

Hello list,
yesterday morning I woke up, and realized my slug wasn't routing
anymore. It wasn't resolving my internal DNS or giving DHCP addresses.
I looked at it and noticed that the USB led was off: only the first 2
leds (from the top) were on.
I tried to turn it off pressing the power button, but that had no
effect, so I unplugged the power wire and connected the USB HD to a
laptop. I performed fsck on the partition, and only the /home
partition needed some inodes to be fixed (must be because of the hard
shutdown). Then I checked dmesg and syslog, and couldn't find anything

I put the hard disk back to the slug and booted it, but it won't boot
up: all I get is the initial flashing leds sequence and then only the
first 2 leds are on. Also, the ethernet usb dongle is not powered. So
it seems that the the boot process stops before the usb subsystem is
brought up.

Can you give me any hints about how to find out what the problem is?

Thank you very much in advance!

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