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[Fwd: openjdk6b11 built for linux-armeabi using zero]


Maybe blacklist this package for the slow machines; the build already takes some
days on faster machines. the current 6b11-1 package will probably not build as

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See http://people.ubuntu.com/~doko/java/openjdk6-armel/

- the mauve test results are a subset of mauve tests which is run
  on various buildds. I usually get 4 failures for the hotspot
  archs, and 6 for powerpc zero. I don't run the jtreg test harness,
  this probably would take two weeks on this machine.

- the packages should appear with the next upload to unstable, well ...
  some days or weeks after the source upload, depending on the build
  machine. the native build takes ages, the longest step is the
  jar process building the rt.jar in the stage2 build; took over 1200
  cpu minutes on a 500Mhz 256MB machine.


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