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Newer kernel for N4100?


Simultaneous with latest dist-upgrade, my N4100's RAID5 array went south (by
now, you'd think I would have learned to not mess with what wasn't broke).  I
don't know if there's a connection, but two simultaneous drive "failures"
without warning have me feeling somewhat suspicious about a false-positive.

Now I have to figure out how to stand this box back up, hopefully without losing
the data on the array (some of which would be a _major_ pain to recover).
Suggestions are more than welcome, and will be reciprocated with the beverages
of your choice.  :)

My strategy at the moment is to debootstrap an arm tree on an NFS server, and
use that as my rootfs while I sort out my md problems.

Anyone know of a recent kernel for the n4100?  I was using the sources
from wpkg.org, which are a bit out of date.  Is anyone else paying any attention
to this platform?

I am, but perhaps not for much longer... :(

Bill Gatliff

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