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Re: Detecting NSLU2 hardware?

Marc Singer wrote:
I know that I can detect an NSLU2 by looking at /proc/cpuinfo and
checking the Hardware: line for the NSLU2 moniker.  I can also
detect whether or not APEX is installed on the system by calling
apex-env and checking for a release version, though this is a little
less reliable.  It is possible that there is another system
with APEX that isn't NSLU2, so I would rather not use that criteria.

Is there another, or perhaps a best way to detect the presence of
NSLU2 hardware?

From the first-stage boot-loader, second-stage boot-loader or userland level?

For userland, /proc/cpuinfo should be authoritative.

For second-stage boot-loader, you can check for the same things that the stock NSLU2 RedBoot checks for before it boots (the SerComm trailer in the last block of flash, including a specific nslu2 product id which slugimage preserves on all images it creates). All custom firmware released for the NSLU2 contains this trailer (Vendor, Unslung, SlugOS, OpenWrt, Debian, Gentoo).

For first-stage boot-loader, you have to trust that the user installed the correct version of Apex on the device.

-- Rod

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