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Re: Bug#480310: [ixp4xx] armel NSLU2 fails to boot with 2.6.25

Martin Michlmayr schrieb:
> You'll also need the patch from #421359, otherwise the new APEX is not
> written to flash.

Yeah. I was thinking from a more low-level point of view and flashed the
apex binary myself with the script. The result is good: The large initrd
(modules=all) boots fine with that.

That was because I dislike the idea about the imaginary version 1.5.14.
Is it more appropriate to name it something like 1.5.13+gf1 ? I'll give
it a try.

> bugs.  Another minor issue is that it would be nice to get more
> feedback on the patch in #421359.

I hope I can help that a little.

> cross-compile would be fine.  I just don't have a cross-compiler for
> armel.  Native or qemu would work too, but are slower.

OK. Is the rc1 already debianized anywhere? Otherwise we might as well
go for rc2.


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