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Re: Bug#480310: [ixp4xx] armel NSLU2 fails to boot with 2.6.25

* Kevin Price <kp@kevin-price.de> [2008-05-12 17:43]:
> > Kevin, since you have a serial console, are you interested in testing
> > the patches in #451882 and #421359?
> Yes. My slug is now compiling apex-1.4.15 with the patch from #451882
> (CONFIG_RAMDISK_SIZE=0x005FFFF0) I am curious if this solves this bug
> and I will let you know.

You'll also need the patch from #421359, otherwise the new APEX is not
written to flash.

> BTW: What is keeping the patches from moving into sid? I'd love to
> see a more current apex version in lenny.

The major issue is that the APEX maintainer doesn't respond to these
bugs.  Another minor issue is that it would be nice to get more
feedback on the patch in #421359.

> > debian-arm people in general: anyone with a armel compiler who's
> > interested in compiling and testing 2.6.26-rc1 on armel?
> Would that need to be a native or cross-compiler or is the qemu arm

cross-compile would be fine.  I just don't have a cross-compiler for
armel.  Native or qemu would work too, but are slower.
Martin Michlmayr

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