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Re: Progress on Bug#444271 / N2100 disk performance

* Markus Lindenberg <markus.lindenberg@gmail.com> [2008-04-24 12:58]:
> i wonder if there's any progress on this one. i consider this a very
> limiting issue, as it renders my n2100 almost unusable regarding it's
> core purpose, being a high performance nas device in a gbit lan. even my
> slug seems to have a better disk performance.
> i know i could go back to thecus firmware if that's my main concern,
> but, you know, that's not an option either for obvious reasons. :-)

Still no progress, but I just made 2.6.25 kernels available with the
DMA patches applied.  This kernel is largely untested, but it includes
the same patch from Dan Williams that I tested before and that seems
to work.

Any feedback is welcome.  Use at your own risk.


Martin Michlmayr

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