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Re: bootloader & kernel on Nokia N810

green <greenfreedom10@gmail.com> writes:

Hi !

> I'm trying to run Debian Sid armel on the Nokia N810.
> I have built a Debian Sid armel chroot on the N810 and have successfully 
> compiled several kernels, and sent them to the N810 using the flasher.
> However, from what I can tell, none of the kernels have booted successfully, 
> and nothing more than the "NOKIA" splash screen is ever displayed.  I have 
> enabled R&D mode on the device and disabled the lifeguard-reset flag.  I am 
> wondering: is it possible to somehow get output from the kernel instead of only 
> "NOKIA"?  Especially without using serial access because I can't find the 
> serial output that the N810 supposedly has.

The serial console is not a good idea imho. From what I heard, some
nokia devs have broken a bunch of n800/n810 by playing with the serial

> Much of the trouble I have had has been because of my ignorance concerning the 
> ARM architecture and the relationship between bootloader stages, the kernel, 
> the initfs, and the rootfs; please pardon my ignorance.  I've searched lots for 
> more information without significant success.
> and got build errors but can investigate more if necessary.

Enable CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE and some fonts and disable
CONFIG_FB_OMAP_MANUAL_UPDATE. This should do the trick.

> I have used these kernel sources:
>  maemo 2008 kernel
>   http://repository.maemo.org/pool/maemo4.0.1/free/k/kernel-source-rx-34/
>  2.6.25 with omap patch
>   http://www.muru.com/linux/omap/patches/

If you want wifi, stick with the maemo kernel, boot with nokia initfs
and chroot into your debian.
If you don't care about wifi, there are patches here :
http://www.muru.com/linux/n8x0/ You can try omap git tree but  iirc,
there are some  missing patches (I didn't check recently so take it with
a grain of salt).

> And the attached configs:
>  maemo-rx-34.config
>  2.6.25-omap1.config
> These are not the only configs I've used, of course.
> If there is a better place for me to get help with this, please mention it.  
> I've looked for Nokia lists but there is nothing in the archive of the few I've 
> found concerning compiling a custom kernel, modifying the rootfs, modifying the 
> initfs, or anything else of that sort.  I will try at the 
> linux-arm-kernel@lists.arm.linux.org.uk list if I don't get any answers here.

You can also try on linux-omap@vger.kernel.org


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