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Re: Users of testing (lenny) - do not upgrade!

Martin Michlmayr schreef:

Kevin Price reported that the new initramfs-tools in testing (version
0.92) generates a ramdisk that does not boot correctly on the NSLU2 -
it makes your system unbootable (see bug #478236).  Note that this
bug only affects users of testing - users of Debian 4.0 are not

I did a fresh install with the latest release from http://www.slug-firmware.net/ because it says:
 Latest release

 Debian/NSLU2 Experimental 5.0beta1 (Unreleased Beta)

 Old releases
These releases are obsolete and no longer supported. Please use the latest release.
  Debian/NSLU2 Stable 4.0r3

1) If your root partition is on sda1 and you run arm (rather than
armel), you can download the following image and flash it with upslug2:

It is, I do, and I downloaded and flashed this kernel.

I hope this works for you.  If not, please let me know.

It does! Thank you very much!
I thought you would be pleased to know it works, too!

Sorry for the inconveniences.

Oh, nevermind - it's working now!


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